Portfolio: Scaffolding

1515 Broadway, Times Square, NY

Pier Head teamed up with Titanium Scaffold Services for another great project. The team devised and installed the scaffolding system required to facilitate an unusual art installation at 1515 Broadway in Times Square. It is a continuous piece beginning at the storefront, and extending to the lobby and mezzanine level in this active office building.

Since the art piece was actually assembled and installed in place, the supported scaffold system was required to provide access for the artist and her assistants, to multiple levels of the 26 ft lobby height, from floor to ceiling, and included careful engineering in order to span the full extent of the north wall escalator.

The art sweeps along the storefront of the building lobby between the top of the entry doors and the ceiling, turns to travel floor to ceiling up the north wall along the escalator and stairs, and then wraps floor to ceiling around the mezzanine reception area at the mezzanine lobby. The system was assembled in a weekend, allowing the art installation to occur in the following week, with an overnight dismantling and removal of the scaffolding equipment once the art was complete, so it could be viewed unobstructed throughout the summer.